A new generation

The recent wave of e-scooter startups demonstrated that there is a market for an entire new class of vehicles. However, from these first wave companies we have also learned there is much to improve. This is why we are dedicated to develop an entire new generation of e-scooters.



The collective consumption of means of transport is getting more popular by the day. The concept of a sharing economy is thriving and SwheelS2Go believes that the Dutch are ready for the notion of an e-step sharing platform.

SwheelS2GO actively contributes to the environment by introducing sustainable, accessible, affordable, user friendly, and reliable Urban-City-Solutions!


Via the SwheelS2Go app users are able to track and reserve the nearest SwheelS2Go in real time. The SwheelS2Go is equipped with a scancode which enables the user to unlock and start the e-scooter. Ready. Set. Go! Enjoy the ride!

Once arrived at the desired destination the user is required to end the journey through the app and park the SwheelS2Go in a designated parking area.

Simpel2Go. Sustainable2Go. SwheelS2Go.

More info coming soon!